Hygrade Laser Profiling

Laser Cutting Services Sydney

Hygrade Laser Profiling provides complete manufacturing solutions from start to finish.

Our manufacturing techniques are now being used to create everything from tolerance critical components to elegantly crafted ornamental designs, in a stunning range of materials.

We customise and produce products for a range of industries from street furniture, food, mining, boating and motorsport industries, architectural pieces, even signage.

Hygrade Laser Profiling offers advanced equipment and technical expertise to turn your fabrication process into a competitive advantage.

To complement our Laser Cutting, bending and fabrication we also offer mass finishing services. This results in a streamlined process for our customers, eliminating redundant shipping and handling time and reducing costs. Customers are assured of quality throughout the entire process to finished parts.

Everything to get your job done

All under one roof

  • Laser Cutting

    Laser cutting offers the advantages of speed, precision, and quality of cut, over more conventional forms of cutting.

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  • Laser Tube Processing

    The introduction of lasers into the manufacturing process has changed the fabrication of tubing forever.

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  • Bending/Press Brake

    Our CNC hydraulic press brakes will take care of all of your bending demands.

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  • Machining

    We provide production and prototype machining services under the most demanding customer specifications.

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  • Welding

    Our welding services produce a quality and consistent results

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  • Mass Finishing

    You can reduce your cost by utilising our job finishing facilities.

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Years of hands-on industry experience

As one of the first laser cutting job-shops in NSW, Hygrade’s history comes equipped with years of hands-on industry experience, technical knowledge, and superior customer service.


Hygrade assures customers the best value for quality parts and on-time deliveries. We aim to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

Always preparing for the future, Hygrade uses comprehensive production planning systems that are designed for manufacturing sheet metal components. These systems allow parts to be made the most efficient way, keeping costs under control.

For more information about Hygrade, or to see how we can help you on your next project. Please contact us