Hygrade Laser Profiling are known as the best laser cutters in Sydney. With the help of their two laser cutting machines, Michael White and the team at Hygrade can “cut pretty much anything.”

They offer a variety of different cutting from sheet metal, stainless steel and rotary axis cutting.

Their TRUMPF L3050’s ensure precision and efficiency and can cut Mild Steel up to 25mm

Stainless Steel up to 20mm and Aluminium up to 12mm.

Hygrade not only have the TRUMPF laser cutter’s but also the Laser Lab/Rofin Sinar 2.5 Kw 2D Slab Laser. This particular machine has an open design and the ability to cut a variety of materials such as acrylic and timber.

“We pretty much do anything. Our customers love our stuff because we are the one stop shop.

It is our experience, know-how and quality which keeps them coming back,” Michael says.

Michael White runs his business with the premise that quality is best. Hygrade is always keeping up with the latest machine technology and this is evident in the resources they house.They make sure that everything that leaves their factory is of a high standard which keeps their reputation intact.

If you would like any information on other services Hygrade Laser Profiling offer, click here.

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