Precision cut metal is Hygrade Laser Profiling’s specialty. Using only the very best in laser technology, Michael White and his team have brought another creation to life through their incredible skills.

Recently completing a job for OnConstruction Pty Ltd, the Hygrade team laser cut 6.0mm mild steel frame creating a 14m long whale. The architectural metalwork was designed for an Aboriginal Garden at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

It’s unique shape didn’t prove to be difficult for the Hygrade team with it’s entirety cut with extreme accuracy. Every inch of the intricate metalwork was shaped to perfection creating a beautiful work of art.

Hygrade Laser Profiling used the TRUMPF L3050 to laser cut the Whale design. Laser technology plays a big part in creating architectural designs like this, and Michael says this type of architecture is becoming more popular because of the availability of new technology.

“Laser cut artwork is more prevalent in architectural design of recent times because of the appeal of unlimited profiles at their finger tips” Michael says

“TRUMPF machinery is so well made that it certainly makes our job easier,

“If it wasn’t for the precision and accuracy created by the L3050, the design of the whale would certainly cause some headaches in our camp,” he says.

Laser technology is certainly allowing fabricators to hone in their skills and produce beautiful pieces of art.

If you would like more information on this project contact Hygrade Laser Profiling today, or to see Hygrade in the media click here.

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