Hygade Laser Profiling have always been known for their laser cutting expertise, however, in order to keep ahead of the competition, Michael White and his team offer more than just laser.

While Hygrade predominantly use laser technology, they also combine this with CNC machinery to offer a complete machining service to their customers. Hygrade use CNC machinery to create intricate parts, machining with their Mori Seiki NV 5000 4-Axis machining centre to create customised products for customers.

The combination of CNC machinery with laser innovation provides a feasible and effective method of manufacturing parts efficiently.

Michael White says, the Mori Seiki NV 5000 can provide production and prototype machining services under the most demanding customer specifications.

“It’s interesting to most people who come across Hygrade Laser, that we use both CNC machinery and laser technology,

“In most businesses it’s often one or the other,

“The best part about having such a diverse machinery range is our ability to meet our customers needs,

“We can perform all tasks on-site without having to outsource work, which is a real advantage in this business,” Michael says.

The Mori Seiki NV 5000 is a compact machine that boasts a large machining centre and is specifically designed to handle dies and molds to deliver high added value to a business.

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