Architectural brilliance mixed with the very best in laser cutting experience results in an amazing wall mural that brings a building to life.

Michael White and the team from Hygrade Laser Profiling recently produced thousands of metal leaves, identically cut for wall art that is set to hang from the side of a newly constructed building.

The project entailed, creating thousands of leaves that would be laser cut, then rolled and mounted on to a swivel base. This results in a fluttering effect in the wind.

Hygrade Laser created these intricate leaves which have been permanently placed on an apartment in the Sydney CBD.

Michael and his team at Hygrade, assisted Architectural Metal Consultancy & Fabrication with the job and have helped the architects create a work of art.

“No matter where you stand looking at the artwork, it is definitely a beautiful sight to see,” says Michael White.

“Since we used our laser cutting techniques to manufacture every single one of those leaves, we knew that they would all be cut exactly the same resulting in uniform pieces,

“It is certainly amazing how they actually flutter in the wind, it was quite impressive of the architect…it is certainly architectural brilliance,” he says.

If you would like to see the final product, you can find the metal leaves on the corner of Clarke St and Nithsdale St, Sydney.

For more information on the project feel free to contact Hygrade Laser Profiling.

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